For many years at Al Sultan Bakery, we have been able to provide daily baked products from the best quality possible fo rour customers.

The feedback that we have received has been amazing and has exceeded all expectations with beyond satisfied consumers.

We have gained our success by using the latest technologies and supervising all the steps from the wheat milling till the goods are ready to consume.

At Al Sultan Bakery, we are now able to share our experiences with others by franchising our company so you can join our family that even takes into consideration our gluten free customers and makes sure everyone gets the full satisfaction needed no matter the demanded, we will provide. And by taking that step you can own your independent business with the benefits of a strong support network. Entrepreneurs will be encouraged since they will have their own business with no pressure of the business community that limits your creativity to a specific standard.

If hard work doesnt intimidate you, and you are a passionate, responsible and goal oriented person, opening a franchise will be a great fit for you, show your excitement, entheusiasm and determination so this opportunity will be yours.

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