About Bakery

 Al Sultan Bakery is a Lebanese Authentic and Wholesale Bakery since 1975.
It is a family owned & operated business by Mr Christian N Seif.
We have over 50 different daily fresh products.
We bake in the premises on a daily basis using the finest ingredients and with the most advanced machines to standardize our goods and most importantly to satisfy our customers need.

Our Profile

Even today at the start of the 21st century when bread is taken largely for granted, seen as an accompaniment or a carrier for other foods, we still have a sense of its supreme significance.
Bread is a particularly fundamental aspect of a country’s cuisine it reflects the climate and geography, as well as the customs, culture and religious beliefs of the people.

  • Perfect served warm, spilt open and buttered for afternoon tea.
  • Rich and buttery yet light and airy, this wonderful loaf captures the essence of the classic French bread.
  • This selection of recipes includes classic flours from around the world, producing leaves with a variety of textures and flavors.


The pastry, which long ago stemmed from myths and popular beliefs, was then kept for solemn celebrations, saved for senior sovereigns and reserved for official ceremonies or exceptional events when it acquired its truly architectural character. From birth till the age of wisdom, from the New Year’s Day till Christmas, pastry products celebrate all the happy events n people’s life and carry on the most deep rooted traditions.

The range of the symbolic art of pastry varies from the Mont blanc, to the carnival doughnut, to the galette des Rois, passing by the Easter lamb, the Pains d’épices hanged on the Christmas tree to the sumptuous pieces which crown an engagement, marriage, anniversary, baptism, communion and birthday table or honor a banquet.